ExTasI Poised To Rewrite Trend

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ExTasI poised to rewrite trend, says Seun Olota On February 8, 201711:14 pmIn EntertainmentComments … as he bemoans lack of professionalism in Nigeria music industry By Chris Onuoha Seun Olota is a composer, music teacher, performing artist, and leads the ExTasI gang, a group of 9 man band. He has built his music stint within the context of dance, club, hymnal, choral, and therapeutic music with original compositions and orchestrations for the family of strings, percussion, brass, and wind instruments. An art devotee and critique with zeal for realism whilst not disregarding views from absurdism, expressionism, experimentalism, surrealism, and impressionism in the world of ISMs. These views amalgamate his fusion flick of trado-urban music styles and sound shapes.

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