Seriously Searching Single Sisis

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Thank God it is Friday again first as we approach another weekend of Saturday weddings and general weekend celebrations. However, I would like to do an assessment on my observations as I attend weddings and other celebrations during the weekends. This is the most common time for heavy weight celebrations.

On one hand we have celebrants, and on the other hand we have well-wishers, gossipers, strictly-set-out-to-conduct business at every celebration, and the attached to an invitee. We suddenly realized that the average looking girls are getting hooked up aptly. These are the girls that people call “wowo babes” because they do not have the media defined criteria of trendy beauty.

However, these girls are getting hooked up so fast because “he that is down needs to fear no fall” as our people say. They need not play hard to get while the pretty and impeccable babes on the other hand get so occupied with buying the best of jewelery and showing off in ASO EBI (uniform dress code for celebration) to look catchy in celebration pictures. They stroll in year-in and year-out at weddings appearing in videos and pictures of the so called ‘wowo babes’- on and on it goes.

The impeccable babes have a target. They are seriously searching and waiting fervently for the oil company big boys, bank senior guys, multinational heroes, movie or music stars, six pack shape, six feet tall, six figure earner and the from-the-space-sweethearts to throw a catch and woe them. They don’t realize on time that time eludes one particularly in the search for the yet to be created angels in such a fast pace.

It then gets to a point when their illusion begins to put on the true cap of reality for them. Make-up magic starts to fail to help in patching the weak layers of facial wrinkles while nature-call and age-call then start knocking all over. Eureka then start to come alive in them. Some gets the point of a made up mind to accept just anything, anybody, anyhow, or anyway just to be with or have someone.

Anyway, we pray for them, that “their help renews in the praise of their repentant hearts and that their wishes remain the strength for their beggars to have horses to ride. You can join the Amen call on their behalf. Happy weekend people, I thank God it is Friday again as I set out this weekend not only to relax but to gather some more of this interesting data.

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