Seun Olota

* “A great artist, a man of culture, and a heart full of generosity. Success!” …. Aurora Aura

*  “Bonjour à tous,
Salutations chaleureuses depuis le Zanzibar. J’espère que vous allez bien. Grand merci et félicitations au Professeur Yacouba et son équipe du MASA pour cette autre édition réussie. Ce fut un plaisir d’être une fois de plus en excellente compagnie dans cette superbe ambiance d’Abidjan. J’ai aimé plusieurs prestations remarquables et j’espère qu’on pourra trouver le moyen de programmer certains des artistes du MASA 2018 au festival Sauti za Busara en février prochain au Zanzibar. Je vous serai reconnaissant de me communiquer les contacts des managers des groupes de musique suivants :*CHEIKHNA *SISSOKO(MALI) *SEUN OLOTA(NIGERIA) *LORNOAR(CAMEROUN) *P-PENTATONIQUE(MALI) *BROWN RICE FAMILY(USA) *BABA TOURE(MALI) *10 VOLTS(BENIN) *MOONA(SENEGAL)

Avec tous mes remerciements et mes vœux à tous,”
            Yusuf                    Culled from- http://www.fr.masa.ci/yusuf-mahmoud

* “MASA 2018…. A second date with the impressive Seun Olota & Extasi Band.They stepped on as the underdog on Monday night, but soon became the toast of music band scouts and promoters, who flood the Market for African Performing Arts to shop for groups for their individual projects.The Extasi band gets the crowd rocking every time they mount the stage… They did it for the second time last night on the openair Esplanade stage at the Palais due Kulture Treichville, Abidjan. The 8–piece band has also become the favourite of fellow participating musicians who seek them out for ‘extension’ services. The MASA continues for the rest of the week.”  www.MASA.ci
(Jahman Anikulapo)

“Sincerely when I see people like you, people with passion for Africa style of music some thing strikes my mind……there is hope for me…..your love for your culture alone is an helping hand for me. Weldone baba!” (Newworld Olawale)

* “MASA d’Abidjan honored me by making it possible to perform at this unique venue. Beautiful show with these talented instrumentalists of Seun Olota.” (Sonia Aimy)

* “I am so honoured to have Seun as my friend. Not only is he a fantstic Saxophone player, but a spokesman for Downs Syndrome children in Nigeria and an all round caring man ♩” (Tan Binta Dawson)


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